Dinn Ri

The Terrace @ The Dinn Rí, Carlow 

The iconic Dinn Ri Hotel in the centre of Carlow required a new design to its smoking area or as we like to call it its ‘Garden Bar’. The existing outdoor space felt tired, cold and lifeless. So our vision was to give it a new heart with a centrally located bar with a potting shed look. The clever use of sliding sash windows in the bar counter make it adaptable to open up into different spaces as the garden bar becomes busier. The innovative use of industrial look sliding doors also help to change the smoking area into different spaces for different times of the day. This is all softened by the use of lush planting, urban vintage feel of reclaimed timbers , Moroccan styled tiles, and vintage French cafe furniture help to transport you to your own little piece of tranquillity at any time of the day.